The Beginning

Where there was nothing there is the website now.

My name is Jano and I am the administrator of these web pages. It all started in the spring of 2012 when I and my friend Patrik Solar met Jaroslav Kopernicky. It was at Robert and Irena Bajcar’s house in Brampton, Ontario. Robert and Irena are the first Slovak astrophysicists. Jaro is an engineer who understands magnets the way that only a few people in the world do.

Everybody at the table liked physics so it didn’t take long and it was a subject of our discussion. I know some physics but I was not ready for the following. Can you imagine claims that the textbooks are wrong in the case of the Coulomb’s law and the first postulate of the Special Relativity?

I am a curious person and I usually give a benefit of doubt to the other party but some things are supposed to be solid, set firmly in place like the Mount Everest and we are not supposed to move them. I was shocked and I had my doubts.

Nevertheless, I started to listen and I did my research and the site is a result of my findings. Please, read the content as much as you like and provide us with your feedback. Remember, we are in the same boat, trying to find out how the stuff around us works. We are looking for the truth.